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Happy Thanksgiving 2013!!! (#3) by Mario-McFly Happy Thanksgiving 2013!!! (#3) by Mario-McFly
Here's the last Thanksgiving picture as promised, people!

This picture features the Equestria Girls Mane 6 along with myself and my little sister. I even added a few characters to the background to have a little fun. I was originally gonna add Sachi Shirakawa's self-model to the picture, but the only version of her that I had was the "Lady Sachi" version of her. I wanted to use the version of her with the shirt that says "sushi" on it, but the DL link to it is dead, so I left her out. I didn't include the Railway Twins this time because Equestria Girls and Season 4 of the show are strictly non-canon to Tonypilot's story (he said so himself).

I used the same gym stage that I used in my picture that re-creates the scene in Equestria Girls when the girls team up to clean up the mess caused by Sunset Shimmer, Snips, and Snails. I guess you could say that Principal Celestia planned a school Thanksgiving party, huh? I even used the same roast turkey and pies as the last 2 pictures. I have Applejack holding an apple pie for obvious reasons. I have myself holding a 1-Up Mushroom for some reason because I had to do something about my outstretched arm. You see, I was putting Rainbow Dash's hand on my shoulder and my hand was going through her jacket/skirt, so I moved my arm forward.

Well, I'm glad to have made those last 3 pictures for Thanksgiving! I hope you enjoyed them! I hope you all had a Happy Thanksgiving! Peace!

Fire Mario McFly - :iconlady-zana:, Edited/Recolored by :iconmario-mcfly: with help from ShokatsuryouKomei
Eliza Jane - Animasa, Re-colored by :iconmario-mcfly:
Equestria Girls Mane 6 - :iconluckygirl88:
Human Derpy Hooves - MimoThe Jackal
Big Al - Nukude
Paige Self-Model - :iconsugarcoatedrainicorn:
Concert Sailor Miku - CodenameSailorEarth2

Table - Himajin
Cherry Pie, Blueberry Pie - :iconroseberi:
Apple Pie, Roast Turkey, Turkey Leg - :icon9844:

School Gym - Patrick13, converted by :iconlycheeberry17:

Equestria Girls Mane 6, Derpy Hooves - Hasbro
Hatsune Miku/Mikuo, Big Al - Crypton
Konata Izumi - Kyoto Animation
Fire Mario, 1-Up Mushroom - Nintendo
Barey-Gusey Featured By Owner Nov 28, 2013  Professional Artist
This bad it maek my faimly not like thanken giver
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November 28, 2013
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